Bookkeeping is simply keeping track of what your business makes (income) and what it spends (expenditure). It is the process of recording and summarizing account transactions in order to generate the necessary income and expenditure information to better manage your business and make informed decisions regarding your resources. However, it is important that this process be done correctly, as careless mistakes in this area can result in significant financial loss.

Hutman and Hutman LLP is a well-established firm that has been providing quality bookkeeping services in Lakewood and the surrounding areas to both individuals and small businesses for over 10 years. We specialize in assisting new businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises) to achieve their financial goals while keeping their information safe and confidential.

We have qualified professionals who have the experience required to provide high-quality bookkeeping services for your business needs and have created a range of bookkeeping packages that are tailor fit for different types of business operations. We are also capable of taking care of your needs from start to end and do not limit ourselves to just the bookkeeping aspect. We can also prepare custom reports called a “highlight sheet” to meet your specific business needs.

For more information about our bookkeeping services or to schedule an appointment, contact us by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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